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Criminal Law in Auckland.

I understand that involving a lawyer in your life, is quite often something you did not have much of a choice with. The social issues that can affect us can be difficult, frustrating, and daunting. I understand this.

I also understand that on top of the actual issues themselves, the thought of a legal process being involved in the outcome of your life, can be very overwhelming.

Having other people involved in your private matters can seem intrusive and invasive. I appreciate what you are going through, and accept you for who you are. It is not my place to judge you, but it is my place to listen to what you are dealing with, evaluate the legal framework, and then outline the options open to you within the law.

I will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. This may not always be your ideal outcome, and it may also involve some compromise on your part, but it will be a way forward.

I can help you. Contact me today.